Saturday, October 22, 2016

NanoArt and Photography in Paris - Parallel between Two Imaging Techniques

Cris Orfescu exhibited NanoArt in Paris for the first time in 2007 in three group shows, one of them at the prestigious Atelier Grognard next to Ch√Ęteau de la Malmaison, Empress Josephine's castle. The shows have been organized by the art group Les Seize Anges. 

NanoArt will be shown again in Paris this year, in two photography shows. It is going to be an interesting parallel between two different imaging techniques: NanoArt (electrons) and Photography (photons). The first show will take place at the exhibition hall of the 8th municipal arrondissement (Mairie du 8eme Paris) between Nov 7 and Nov 18. On Nov 8 will be the opening for "Bridges between Continents and Memories"The second exhibition will be hosted by Mu Gallery, 53 Rue Blanche (close to Moulin Rouge) between Nov 22nd and Dec 17th. The opening is on Nov 22nd.
4 artists from France and 4 from USA will show their works in both exhibitions:

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