Friday, September 30, 2016

NanoArt at the Art-Science Exhibition in Los Angeles - enTANGLEment

During the month of September 2016 in Venice, California, Trunk Gallery hosted the Art-Science show enTANGLEment featuring works by Ann Erpino, Amy Helene, Randi Hokett, and NanoArt by Cris Orfescu. The exhibition curators were Bob Nidever of UCLA and gallery director Ann Perich. The early opening during the Mar Vista Art Walk draw a large audience and raised interest in Art-Science intersections.

Featured artists/scientists:

• Ann Erpino - artist -
• Amy Helene - scientist - 
• Randi Hokett - artist -
• Cris Orfescu - scientist -

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Image courtesy: Brian Bender, PhD