Saturday, October 08, 2016

Art-Science-Technology Conference at the 4th International Festival of NanoArt

NanoArt Festival - Art-Science-Technology Conference
Cris Orfescu, Ioannis Michaloudis, Chris Robinson, Jean Constant
Some of the works exhibited in the 4th International Festival of NanoArt will be included in the Moon Arts Project presented in the Art-Science-Technology section during the 11th International Conference for the Physics of Advanced Materials (Nanomaterials). The section was chaired by Cris Orfescu and featured papers by Prof. Chris Robinson from the University of South Carolina, researcher Alessandro Chiolerio from the Italian Institute of Technology in Torino, mathematician/artist of Jean Constant, and Prof. Ioannis Michaloudis from Charles Darwin University, Australia. Orfescu, in his invited paper, presented “The NanoArt 21 Project”, and educational and research tool and venue founded 12 years ago to promote a new artistic-scientific discipline, NanoArt, as a vehicle for a better understanding of nanotechnology. 

Robinson presented “The Moon Arts Project, Nanotechnology and Contemporary Art”. The Moon Arts Project as part of the Google Lunar X Prize tags along on an ambitious competition to send a privately funded rover to the moon. 46 artists from the NanoArt 21 group will have their artworks included in that rover. Michaloudis presented “Nanosky on the Moon”. Using silica aerogel nanomaterial he is creating clouds sculptures that could improve the public perception of scientific research and climate change. Some of his bottled aerogel nanosculptures were exhibited during the festival. 

Chiolerio was talking about his collaboration with artist A. Scali to create two lithographs of a few hundred nanometers etched on two silicon chips. Constant presented “The fourth dimension in mathematics and art” focusing on the challenge involved in the visualization process of 4D objects. 

Event photos by Mirela Suchea.

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