Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Images from STEAM3 Conference at the University of Texas in Austin

Here are some more images from the NanoArt installation and demo stage at STEAM3Open to the general public, the event provided an interactive stage for the exploration of the fast emerging technologies that could improve the education process in the nearest future and featured a two-day conference with speakers and panels, workshops, demonstrations, installations, and entertainment.


Monday, November 03, 2014

NanoArt at STEAM3 at the University of Texas

The first Steam3 Science (Science + Tech + Engineering + Arts + Math "cubed") was a unique public event held on March 1st and 2nd, 2014 at the University of Texas, JJ Pickle Research Campus. The event presented a comprehensive look into the future of experiential learning providing an interactive stage for the exploration and demonstration of the fast emerging approaches, formats, technologies, and learning models that will redefine education over the next decade.

Beside and art exhibit and a scanning electron microscopy demo, thanks to the generosity of Hitachi, Cris Orfescu presented a paper on NanoArt as one of the most effective tools to introduce Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to students and general public. The paper presented the first uses of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies to create art, the beginnings of NanoArt, and the actual status on this new artistic-scientific discipline and movement that evolved from recent technological developments in the multidisciplinary area known as nanotechnology. It also informed the audience about the international juried NanoArt competitions, festivals, and exhibitions. Thoughts of select nanoartists and art people in the regard to NanoArt were also presented.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


FREE Entries - Open to All Artists and Scientists - Seed Images of 3 Nanostructures are Provided for Further Artistic Creation
Submission deadline March 31, 2011

NanoArt is a new art discipline at the art-science-technology intersections. To read more about NanoArt and Nanotechnology please visit the entire website. The 5th anniversary edition of the worldwide competition NanoArt 2011 is open to all artists 18 years and older. The online exhibition will open for public in April, 2011.

Jurors: Dr. Anatoli Korkin (PhD in Physics from Moscow Lomonosov State University) is Associate Research Professor at Arizona State University and President of Nano & Giga Solutions, a company that provides research and software development in the area of computational chemistry and materials design for nanotechnology applications and consulting and project management in nanotechnology education, science, and innovation; Hugh McGrory is an Irish filmmaker/photographer and a NanoArt pioneer who has built a strong reputation for innovation through experimentation. He was filmmaker in residence at the Toomre Lab’s CINEMA microscopy department, Yale University School of Medicine for summer 2007, researching, collecting and creating moving images of the living cell and exploring the wider area of scientific imaging. He is now the Creative Director of Culture Shock Marketing in New York City.

Winners will be notified and published online on May 31, 2011. The competition will be promoted on different venues online, contacts, word-of-mouth. The artists could also promote the competition on their websites and other venues.

For the 5th anniversary edition of this competition, founded by artist and scientist Cris Orfescu ( will provide 3 high resolution monochromatic electron scans of nanosculptures created by Orfescu. The participating artists will have to alter the provided image(s) in any artistic way to finish the artistic-scientific process and create NanoArt work(s). The artists and scientists are strongly encouraged to participate with their own images as long as these visualize micro or nano structures.

For more information, visit NanoArt 2011 competition site.

Friday, October 08, 2010

NanoArt21 Exhibition at Passion for Knowledge Festival, in Spain

"Quantum Tunneling" by Orfescu 

Passion for Knowledge is a festival that brings world leading scientists and humanists together from different disciplines and cultures to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Donostia International Physics Center under the commitment for progress of science driven by the love for knowledge. Along with highlighting the thirst for knowledge as the driving force behind scientific, technological and cultural progress, the festival aims to expand the debate and to engage the society in the celebration, and is spread out to different venues in the entire city of San Sebastian. The festival comprises a number of outreach activities such as encounters, exhibitions, seminars and contests with the objective of promoting science as a cultural activity, establishing connections between scientists and citizens, and fostering the participation of the public in the dissemination of science.

The NanoArt21 exhibition closes on October 10, 2010. The exhibition curated by Cris Orfescu (USA) and Igor Campillo Santos (Spain) features 2D, video, and multimedia works authored by 31 worldwide Top 10 artists at 4 editions of the NanoArt International Online Competition: Imamedin Amiraslan (Azerbaijan), Daniela Caceta, Maria Matheus, Ricardo Tranquilin (Brazil), Bjoern Daempfling, Jan Schmoranzer (Germany), Gilberto Sossella, Simone Battiston (Italy), Teresa Majerus (Luxemburg), Pilar Azuara (Mexico), Han Halewijn (Netherlands), Elena Lucia Constantinescu (Romania), Janko Jelenc, Teja Krasek (Slovenia), Frances Geesin, Leonel Marques (UK), Anna Ursyn, Carol Flaitz, Chris Robinson, Cris Orfescu, Darcy Lewis, David Derr, David Hylton, Janis Kirstein, Jean Constant, Linda Alterwitz, Lisa Black, Patrick Millard, Shruti Gour, Deeraj Roy, Steven Pollard (USA). After the show, the artworks will be exhibited in different research centers in San Sebastian city: nanoGUNE, DIPC, the Faculty of Chemistry...
"NanoMaiastra, Brancusi - In Memoriam" by Orfescu
NanoArt21 was founded by scientist and artist Cris Orfescu, to promote NanoArt throughout the world as a reflection of the technological development. Orfescu considers that NanoArt is a more attractive and effective way of communicating with the general public in order to provide information on the new technologies of the 21st Century. NanoArt aims to raise the awareness of the general public with regard to nanotechnology and its impact on our lives.

"NanoArt is a new art discipline at the art-science-technology intersections. It features nanolandscapes (molecular and atomic landscapes which are natural structures of matter at molecular and atomic scales) and nanosculptures (structures created by scientists and artists by manipulating matter at molecular and atomic scales using chemical and physical processes). These structures are visualized with powerful research tools like scanning electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes and their scientific images are captured and further processed by using different artistic techniques to convert them into artworks showcased for large audiences." (Cris Orfescu)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

NanoArt Works by Cris Orfescu in Los Angeles

About the Artist:

Cris Orfescu was born in Bucharest, Romania, and has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1991. A scientist by day, he runs an analytical laboratory which uses nanotechnology to design improved lithium batteries. The molecular landscapes of various materials with which he works, measured in nanometers, are his inspiration and jumping-off point for his art. Using an electron microscope, he manipulates compounds and chemicals to create nano-sculptures, captures the images, which he then blows up into large artworks, digitizes, and applies color. A self-taught artist, he has been experimenting for over 40 years with different media and art forms, including digital art, murals, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, and collage. 'NanoArt', a term he has coined, reflects the transition from Science to Art through Technology. Orfescu has shown his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US, Italy, France, Finland, Korea, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Colombia, and Greece, and has won many awards in juried shows. For more information, please visit:

Here are some extracts from prestigious publications about his work:

"...artists face a fundamental hurdle" trying to represent "the molecular landscapes of various materials, where features are measured in nanometers... For abstractionists like Mr. Orfescu though, such limitations are simply invitations to let color and shape-shifting run wild." (The New York Times)

"Artist and scientist Cris Orfescu manipulates chemicals and creates nano-sculptures, which he then blows up into large artworks with an electron scanning microscope." (The Wall Street Journal)

"Shouting their presence in loud shades of red, blue and yellow, artist and scientist Cris Orfescu's images look first like abstract pieces. The colorful curves, angular lines and sudden bursts that command the canvases appear to be the fantastical expression of the artist's whim and creative taste...Orfescu's partner in the exhibit, photographer Rick Chinelli, said "personally, I think that Cris works on another level both physically and mentally." (Pasadena Star News) "Cris Orfescu lives in a fun universe, populated by phantasmagoric creatures which one would say come from another planet... In his studio-lab he is having a good time sculpting the imperceptible." (translated from the French magazine Stuff)

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