Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NanoArt K12 Program

The NanoArt K12 program has been launched by NanoArt 21 in collaboration with The Nanotechnology Group. The purpose of this worldwide program is to support the education of the new generations of artists and scientists and to promote the art-science-technology intersections and NanoArt for a better youth development. Please read about NanoArt HERE. founded by artist and scientist Cris Orfescu ( is providing 3 images of nano or microstructures for children and teens to convert them into works of art through any artistic technique. The electron micrographs depict graphite micro and nanoparticles.
All artworks will be posted on the NanoArt21 exhibition site, and the best works will be selected to be shown in physical galleries worldwide.
To read more on how to participate to this program, please visit the NanoArt K12 page.


visionglobal said...

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fransiskus asisi hardi said...

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The electron micrographs depict graphite micro and nanoparticles.
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