Sunday, January 06, 2008

NanoArt Animation

NanoArt Animation by Steve Luttrell, participating artist in the 2007 NanoArt International Online Competition. Please click on the image to view the animation. To see other artworks please visit

This artwork has 2 layers: the background layer is the original “nanoflower” image, and the foreground layer is a computer simulation of a Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction ( To produce this artwork the foreground layer’s BZ reaction is modified so that it is tied to the background layer’s image in such a way that bright regions of the image act as if they are sources of reactants consumed by the BZ reaction. By suitably adjusting the BZ simulation parameters a foreground animation (5 cycling frames) of a “fizzing” reaction can be created, which is then rendered using appropriate colours and transparencies. Optionally, instead of displaying the full 5-frame animation as an artwork, its individual frames can also be used as artworks.

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